Frequently Asked Questions

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Digital Products

How do I edit the templates?

Each template comes with a linked PDF to copy the templates to your Canva account. Once loaded to the into Canva, you can edit to your preferences using the tools found in Canva. All of our templates are compatible with the free version, however we recommend upgraded to get all of the amazing features Canva offers.

Why should I buy your templates?

All of our templates our meticulously developed and designed. Our content is created based on years of knowledge working with clients in the industries that our templates have been created for. You will not find the same level of value, design and strategy anywhere else.

What possibilities do these templates offer?

You can edit anything you need or want to do, but you don’t have to edit much. These templates are strategically created by our in-house designers to reflect the needs of medspa businesses like yours.

Things you might change:

  • Your brand colors
  • Your brand fonts
  • Images
  • Your handle or website on social posts

Can I resell these templates?

No, these templates are strictly prohibited for resale. If you are a graphic designer and would like to use the templates for more than one client you must purchase the templates for each client you're using them for.

Can I hire you to customize my templates?

Yes, absolutely! We offer template customization services for all of our digital products. Please contact us at

Why am I seeing a permission error in Canva?

This just means your internet browser didn’t recognize your Canva account. Please log into your Canva account first, then right-click and copy the Canva link from your template’s Download Sheet PDF and paste it into your internet browser tab. If you’re still seeing any sort of error after trying that, please reach out to our team at

What if I have a tech question regarding downloading or using my template?

First, check and see that we haven’t already covered your question inside your template download PDF. We work hard to make sure we include any directions or video tutorials for you to effectively edit and use your template. If you weren’t able to find answers in those places, feel free to reach out to our team at

Marketing Services & Coaching

What marketing services do you offer?

The Medspa Society offers customized brand development, website design & development, social media management and marketing strategy for MedSpas, IV Therapy Clinics, Wellness and Anti-aging, Plastic Surgeons and other Elective Medicine practices. Contact us directly at for an application to work with us.

What makes The MedSpa Society Unique?

The MedSpa Society team has decades of experience working in the MedSpa industry in various aspects. We have worked inside MedSpa establishments and have contributed to the growth of multi-million dollar practices with our unique approach to lead generation and retention through strategy and design.


Can I cancel my order for an instant download?

Due to the product being an instant download there are no returns, exchanges, cancellations or refunds. If you need to contact us regarding your order, please email

What payment options do you accept?

We accept most forms of payment including credit card, Apple Pay, Paypal, Venmo and offer payment plans at checkout.